CACA現代アート書作家協会 特別顧問 岡本光平


Kohei Okamoto, born in Aichi Prefecture 1948, applying knowledge
and skills of classic calligraphy and artistic mind, pursues universal
contemporary calligraphy.

Carrier Path
Winning calligraphy work by Mainichi Shodo Exhibition at the age of 17years old; deepened knowledge in Japanese classic calligraphy,anthropology, and folklore during his 11 year early carrier in Kyoto;taught calligraphy at Ninnaji Temple and engaged in Todaiji Templeexcavation work; extensive research work on epigraph on a monumentstone in China, Korea and Japan; left at the age of 36 years old theauthoritative Japanese calligraphy association and started pursuingpossible hybridization between art and calligraphy; engaged in research work on various writingmaterials in many Asian countries and Russia; conducted free art work overseas, e.g., first exhibition in Korea 1988; established Contemporary Art and Calligraphy Association(CACA) in 2010; morethan 200 time of successful exhibitions up to date organized not only in Japan but also overseas;frequent exposure on TV -demonstration and talk.

Work Invited in Overseas
EC Euro-Paris-Japan Exhibition (Belgian 1988)
Exhibition in Leipzig by National Ethnology Museum (Leipzig 1999)
Exhibition at New York Hammond Museum (NY 2010)
Lecture and Demonstration at Yale University (Boston 2014)

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